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New Delhi, India

The G20 YEA Summit held in New Delhi, India was centered on the theme of "Hum" (A Hindi word meaning togetherness). Symbolic of interdependence, in global languages Hum connotes a universal chant, resonating in unison.  The G20 YEA want to celebrate the power of oneness, so that together, we can usher in positive transformation, peaceful co-existence and harmony. "Hum" - together we are one


Cultural Exchange

  • 28 countries participated

  • 500+ entrepreneurs and policymakers connected

  • 500+ one-to-one networking

  • $25M of business Exchange

  • 40+ Hours of learning sessions

  • 12 World class innovations

  • 7 International Bilaterals

  • $25,000 received by Startup Duel winner 

The summit was an informative and flamboyant showcase of entrepreneurial talent and below are some of the moments captured.

Spirit of the Summit: Picture Gallery

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Key Speakers

The communique signed by all countries called upon G20 leaders to make economic inclusion a global priority. It also contained a number of practical measures for the leaders to consider in areas such as growing the circular and Net Zero economy, promotion of food security, regulatory and capital reforms, and standardizing global trade mechanisms in recycled materials. The communique from G20 YEA highlights potential for growth from targeted measures to support entrepreneurs from previously excluded groups.

Key Outcomes

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