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Fukuoka, Japan

The G20 YEA Summit in Fukuoka met under the theme "Imagination Economy – For Sustainable Future. Globalization and digitalization in the age of information technology have created millions of jobs and increased wealth, changing the structure of society in the process. From a global perspective, however, billions of people still live in poverty, lack safe water and do not have access to education. Entrepreneurship is the catalyst to change.


Over 400+ Young Entrepreneurs from the 20 most industralised nations met and exchanged ideas, networked and formed partnerships. In addition there were industry visits organised for delegates to attend Toyota, Bridgestone, YASKAWA Electric Corporation, TOTO and many more.

Cultural Exchange

Moments captured from the amazing summit are shown below.

Spirit of the Summit: Picture Gallery

Takato Utsunomiya, co-founder of Pokemon Company 
Rihito Hatoyama, former Director of Hello Kitty
Armen Ovanessoff, Principal Director, Accenture Research

Key Speakers

Called upon the leaders of the G20 nations to embrace the transformative potential of entrepreneurship as an important lever to contribute to 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):


  • Mobility and Entrepreneurship across borders

  • Improve access to finance and capital

  • Support entrepreneurship as a means to meet social and environmental challenges

  • Invest in Digital Infrastructure and services for shared development and growth

  • Ensure entrepreneurial education quality for tomorrows's society.

Key Outcomes

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