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Each year, the G20 YEA brings together hundreds of the world’s top young entrepreneurs to network, participate in innovative conference programming, experience cultural exchanges, and share their ideas with the B20 and G20 leaders to catalyse global change.

The Young Entrepreneurs' Summit is organized by the G20 YEA member in the country in which the G20 Leaders will meet that year.  Each G20 YEA member organizes a national delegation and brings its best young entrepreneurs to the summit.


The event, while having a strong local flavour and reflection of the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, generally follows a standard format that includes:

  • Curated networking events

  • Country-to-country delegation trade meetings

  • A 2-3 day conference with globally-recognized speakers and panels

  • Engagement with political and economic leaders, international organizations and other stakeholders

  • The public signing and release of a communique by all participating countries that calls upon the G20 Leaders to respond to the concerns of the world’s entrepreneurs

The Annual G20 YEA Summit is for Young Entrepreneurs from across the G20 region. It precedes the G20 leaders’ summit and in 2023 was held in New Delhi, India.


The G20 YEA Summit 2024 will be held in Brazil! Details to follow.

What is the G20 YEA Summit?


Brazil G20 YEA Summit 2024

The Brazil's G20 YEA Summit 2024 theme focuses on 'Connecting Cultures, Fostering Business: Building a Just World and a Sustainable Planet.' This theme encapsulates the spirit of business collaboration, cultural exchange, and a collective effort towards creating a more equitable and sustainable global community.

Summit Date: 12-14th June, 2024

Location: Goiânia, Brazil

Venue: Goiânia Convention Center, Brazil

Post Summit Events: 15-16th 2024

Location: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Florianópolis 

Past G20 YEA Summits

G20 YEA 2022 Summit: Hamburg

G20 YEA Summit 2021: Milan

G20 YEA Summit 2020: Riyadh

The 2022 G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance Summit was held in Hamburg, Germany rather than in Indonesia to accommodate ongoing COVID uncertainties. The COVID-19 pandemic has posed an unprecedented challenge for the world’s young entrepreneurs. Rapidly changing business conditions, including the impacts of rising energy costs, supply chain disruptions, community lockdowns and shortages of raw materials have compounded the challenges posed by ongoing issues such as the climate crisis, rising levels of intolerance and growing barriers to international mobility. To support and encourage young entrepreneurs as we address the challenge of a truly inclusive global recovery, we call upon G20 governments to: Promote an inclusive global recovery, Foster peace through sustainable growth and economic inclusion, Climate and energy entrepreneurship for a sustainable future.

Young entrepreneurs faced unprecedented times. We were asked to adapt quickly: respond, digitalize, reinvent ourselves, close and reopen our businesses. The pandemic has exacerbated inequalities already in place and we must all commit to a fairer, more sustainable, and inclusive globalization. This is what we ask of G20 Leaders: work together to build a new global renaissance, focusing on sustainability, inclusiveness, digitalization, trade and investments.

As the world begins to look at ways to recover from the socio-economic damages of COVID-19, now more than ever we need to harness the potential of entrepreneurs to drive a new generation of sustainable and inclusive growth. It is in this light that access to capital, skills-building & entrepreneurial education, supporting a sustainable economy, addressing trade barriers, and digitalization are part of the calls to action for G20 Leaders & their government presented by young entrepreneurs at the virtual G20 YEA Saudi Summit.

G20 YEA 2023 Summit: New Delhi

Meeting in New Delhi in advance of September’s meeting of the G20 Leaders, the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance called upon G20 leaders to make economic inclusion a global priority. Their annual communique, signed by organizations from across the G20 at the Alliance’s summit, contained a number of practical measures for the leaders to consider in areas such as growing the circular and Net Zero economy, promoting food security, regulatory and capital reforms, and standardizing global trade mechanisms in recycled materials. The communique from G20 YEA highlights potential for growth from targeted measures to support entrepreneurs from previously excluded groups.

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