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Young Connected ENTREpreneurs

This years summit will be hosted by CONAJE and held in Goiânia Brazil. CONAJE is the National Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs of Brazil, a nonprofit organization that has been actively promoting entrepreneurship since 2000, dedicated to fortifying, establishing, and sustaining new ventures led by young individuals. Comprising 27 business movements spanning 20 Brazilian states, CONAJE is committed to "Cultivating leaders who generate prosperity for Brazil." To fulfil this mission, the organization fosters an environment for young entrepreneurs within its network to exchange experiences, receive business training, and engage in valuable networking opportunities.

The Brazil's G20 2024 Summit theme focuses on 'Connecting Cultures, Fostering Business: Building a Just World and a Sustainable Planet.' This theme encapsulates the spirit of business collaboration, cultural exchange, and a collective effort towards creating a more equitable and sustainable global community.

Summit Date: 12-14th June, 2024

Location: Goiânia, Brazil

Venue: Goiânia Convention Center, Brazil

Post Summit Events: 15-16th 2024

Location: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Florianópolis 


Day 1
Of the G20YEA Summit 2024 opening ceremony hosted by the secretariat Alex Gill.

Over 400+ delegates from over 20 countries were present in the Goiania Convention Center to begin the 3 day conference to an excited audience of Young Entrepreneurs

Day 1

HRH Prince Fahad G20 YEA President addressed the Young Entrepreneurs speaking passionately about Young Entrepreneurs and how Saudi Arabia has driven Entrepreneurship in their own region with government and private sector initiatives and supported entrepreneurs globally. Celebrating the great strides made by all and especially female entrepreneurs.

Day 2

Panel discussions and presentations continued on the second day relevant to Young Entrepreneurs such as Investment Opportunities in Goias, Investment Connection Brazil , Technology, Education and Government Connection: Success Stories in Goias

Day 3

The G20 YEA communique sets the agenda for Entrepreneurs across the G20 and is a call to action to create a business environment where businesses and Young Entrepreneurs can thrive.

Day 3

A panel hosted by Tommie Edwards (G20 YEA UK President) discussed female entrepreneurship and the obstacles faced in relation to seeking investment opportunities and navigating perceptions of Venture Capitalists and prospective funders. 

Day 3

After signing the communique the end of the summit was celebrated by all national delegations long into the night.

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