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Young Connected ENTREpreneurs

Policymakers are defined as central and local government departments, Embassies and Investment Promotion Agencies responsible for national and international policy in relation to Trade and Small Businesses. 



The G20 YEA:

  • We engage in dialogue with Policymakers to remove obstacles for growth in the global economy and G20.

  • In addition to the communique we provide thought leadership reports providing insights on Global Trends.

  • Our Annual G20 Summit provides high level networking and high profile guest speakers to an exclusive international Alliance fostering Global trade and Partnerships. 

Value G20 YEA
Provides Policymakers

The G20 YEA:

  • Understands the challenges faced by Young Entrepreneurs from across the G20

  • Samples opinion from polls to ascertain and gauge business mood

  • Appreciates the impact of government policy on the success of Young Entrepreneurs business trajectory

  • Provides narrative and sets the tone of the debate with our G20YEA Communique

G20 YEA Value

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