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Young Connected ENTREpreneurs

The G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance is proud to partner with the following National Associations as part of this exclusive community:

Canada: Futurpreneur Canada  | China: Future Academy and G20 YEA China Council | France: Citizen Entrepreneurs Germany: Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland / JCI Germany | India: Young Indians (Yi) | Italy: The Confindustria Young Entrepreneurs Movement | Japan: JCI Tokyo |United Kingdom: The UKEA | Saudi Arabia: Entrepreneurship Vision | Singapore: M Academy | South Africa: Young Entrepreneur South Africa (YESA) | Turkey: Young Businessmen Association of Turkey (TUGIAD) | EU: Yes For Europe

National Bodies


The impact for the National Associations is multifaceted. Firstly success for Young Entrepreneurs who form of G20 YEA membership can be amplified by being part of an exclusive International Alliance which fosters partnerships. Secondly increased trade between nations is good for the global economy. Thirdly the National Associations collectively act as the megaphone defending Young Entrepreneurs in relation to government policy illustrated by the communique signed and distributed at each G20 YEA summit.

The Value G20 YEA
to National Bodies 

The G20 YEA provides its member organizations with the opportunity to engage on a global stage, bringing recognition and prestige to their country AND the opportunity to connect their entrepreneurs to a growing international network of entrepreneurs.  G20 YEA member organizations regularly conduct bilateral trade missions between countries and share best practices from their own ecosystems.

G20 YEA Impact

Overview of National Bodies

We are the Argentine Union of Young Entrepreneurs We support Young Entrepreneurs under 45yrs old from all over the country and across all industries who are looking for a space for learning, support and networking to achieve better management of their companies. Through a diverse community with +400 entrepreneurs from Argentina experiences are shared and you learn from others. At UNAJE you will encounter different perspectives and scales, although with shared values ​​and interests. We believe that those who are part of UNAJE have the possibility of improving as leaders within their companies, because at the end of the day, all companies have the same problems. We empower young entrepreneurs to create MORE AND BETTER COMPANIES IN ARGENTINA.

President: Juliàn Losardo
Argentina: Unaje

The Entrepreneurship Vision Association is a non-profit civil society association under the supervision of the National Center for Non-Profit Sector Development with License No. 1981 that seeks to contribute to developing the entrepreneurship environment and strengthening the entrepreneurial system. Vision Building a supportive environment that contributes to developing the level of quality in the entrepreneurship system in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and to be a global reference in the field of entrepreneurship.

President: HRH Prince Fahd Bin Mansour
Saudi Arabia: Entrepreneurship Vision

Young Entrepreneur South Africa (YESA) is a registered Not for Profit Organisation and a national youth entrepreneurship movement established for the sole purpose of promoting a fertile eco-system for the enterprising youth of South Africa, globally. Youth Entrepreneurship still remains a practical solution to global challenges of youth unemployment, poverty and inequality. It promotes opportunities for sustainable job creations, self-employment, growth and innovation. YESA is the official South African representative member on the G20 Young Entrepreneur Alliance (G20 YEA). The G20 YEA is a global network of allied organizations that provide “Entrepreneurship Leadership” throughout the G20 Nations. The alliance convenes each year in advance of the G20 Leaders’ Summit and B20 Business Leaders’ Summit, with the aim of promoting the importance of Youth Entrepreneurship to the G20 nations’ governments, business leaders, and political leaders. The Summit’s main objective is to allow young entrepreneurs to connect, exchange ideas and share experiences as well as global business best practice with their peers. To date, YESA has facilitated and hosted a delegation of young South African entrepreneurs to France in 2011, Mexico - 2012, Russia - 2013, Australia – 2014, Turkey-2015, China – 2016, Germany – 2017, Argentina 2018. Beyond the G20 participation, YESA plays a coordination role through forming alliances with leading local entrepreneurship organizations focusing on the 6 pillars of the G20 YEA. These include Investment and Access to Capital; Education and Co-ordinated Support; Government Regulation and Taxation; Innovation and Technology; Trade and Globalization; and Entrepreneurship Culture – Mentorship & Coaching. It is through these pillars that YESA is in a position to unlock economic opportunities and market access for young entrepreneurs through exposure to its 19 country-strong network of entrepreneurs and governments that offer platforms for meaningful trade and knowledge exchange. In the tough economic times of today, the development of small to medium size enterprises is a key to developing and growing economies, and YESA prides itself as being a change agent in this regard.

President: Innocentia Motau
South Africa: YESA

We are the UK Entrepreneurs Alliance (UKEA), facilitating and fostering partnerships and relationships across the G20 member countries to support the growth of UK entrepreneurs and businesses. We partner, connect and facilitate UK Entrepreneurs who want to expand their network and grow their respective businesses globally to be the changemakers of tomorrow.

President: Tommie Edwards
United Kingdom: UKEA

Future Academy is a leading independent organization in China to promote exchange and collaboartion between young leaders in China and around the globe. Besides being a member at G20YEA representing China, Future Academy has rich experience working closely with other world-reknown international organizations, such as the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation). It helps APEC nurture and select young leaders from China to the annual APEC Summit. Through the effort of Future Academy, the selection attracted over 100,000 youth to apply and over 1 billion clicks on social media in one year.

President: Tianqi Han
China:  Future Academy and G20 YEA China Council

CONAJE is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship, specifically focusing on empowering and supporting young individuals in establishing and sustaining new ventures. It achieves this by providing a platform for sharing experiences, offering business training, and facilitating networking opportunities for young entrepreneurs within its extensive network. Conaje's ultimate goal is to cultivate leaders who contribute to the prosperity of Brazil. Through these initiatives, the organization inspires and empowers young entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of developing entrepreneurial skills and building strong connections in the business world. Overall, Conaje actively works towards creating an environment that fosters the growth and success of young entrepreneurs.

President: Marcus Mafia
Brazil: Conaje

Citizen Entrepreneurs is an association founded in 2007. We are committed to promoting responsible, sustainable and inclusive entrepreneurship in France and to supporting young French entrepreneurs internationally. To meet the aspirations of its members, Citizen Entrepreneurs has built a resolutely international positioning: we want to offer our entrepreneurs a place to meet, share and open up to the world. This is why we represent France at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit (G20 YEA – Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance). We also draft recommendations for the French government and ensure their follow-up.

President: Areeba Rehman
France: Citizens Entrepreneur

European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs Yes for Europe is the Brussels-based European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs founded in 1988 to represent young entrepreneurs in Europe. The Confederation has one member per European Country, which is a representative national association of entrepreneurs below the age of 40.

President: Gurkan Yildrim
Europe: Yes for Europe

TÜGİAD, the first national and only international young businessmen's association in Turkey, contributes to the socio-economic development of the whole society throughout the country by developing the leadership qualities, social responsibilities and common goals of young business people, ensures both individual and social development and raises public awareness of the young business world. TÜGİAD, which has more than 1000 members throughout Türkiye; Dynamic business people, manufacturers with an average age of 35 years old, representing more than 60 sectors such as construction, textile, foreign trade, automotive and spare parts, tourism, food, mechanical and other metal products manufacturing and exporting to more than 100 countries around the world. It includes exporters who do In addition, TÜGİAD members have achieved annual exports of 28 billion dollars and a total trade volume of approximately 60 billion dollars.

President: Gurkan Yilmaz
Türkiye: Tugiad

The formation and existence of COYLE is to empower, protect and drive thriving entrepreneurs of this nation who instill a solid economic foundation for Sri Lanka strengthening sound and sustainable economic principals.

President: Thushira
Sri Lanka: G20 YEA Sri Lanka

The Spanish Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs Associations (CEAJE) is the organization of all young businessmen and entrepreneurs in Spain under 41 years of age, integrated into CEOE, CEPYME, FIJE, YES For Europe and G20YEA. We are a multisector organization that includes more than 18,500 direct associates and 21,000 small, medium and large companies, and which brings together 55 provincial associations and autonomous federations. Founded in 1991, CEAJE's main objective is to improve the environment in which companies are born and develop, and to contribute to the promotion of their stability, competitiveness, innovation and internationalization. At CEAJE we have been defending the voice of young entrepreneurs for 30 years. We have always done so with the desire to contribute our vision and our drive to society as a whole. We represent the values ​​of effort, merit and responsibility.

President: Ruben Sans
Spain: Ceaje

Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland has 10,000 entrepreneurs and managers under the age of 40. We are globally networked and are present locally as the largest network of young businesses in Germany with around 215 member groups. Anyone who joins us is committed to their job and also wants to make a difference. With our economic policy and social commitment, we take responsibility for the future and give the young economy a voice. We promote the exchange and development of young entrepreneurs and managers. We are the young economy.

President: Kirsten Müller
Germany: Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland

Confindustria is the main association representing manufacturing and service companies in Italy. Over 150 thousand small, medium and large companies voluntarily join Confindustria , for a total of 5,383,286 employees. The mission of the association is to promote the affirmation of the company as a driver of the economic, social and civil growth of the country. In this sense, it defines common paths and shares - while respecting the areas of autonomy and influence - objectives and initiatives with the world of economics and finance, national, European and international institutions, the PA, the social partners, culture and of research, science and technology, politics, information and civil society. The added value of Confindustria is its network which branches out from the headquarters in Rome, to the Delegation in Brussels, a point of reference for the entir

President: Alessandro Somaschini
Italy: Confindustria

Yi’s mission to strengthen the future of India gives a stage and voice to the country’s next generation of changemakers. It aims to instill in young minds the power of leadership, enhance the youth entrepreneurial ecosystem and create youth-led changes to build the nation. The robust framework of Yi and its vision is built on three significant pillars: Youth Leadership The first pillar of Yi believes that leaders aren’t born; they are made. It calls upon the students of India to recognize the leader in them through various leadership skill development programs, personal development programs and nation-building activities. Nation Building The youth carry the baton of building an India that is self-sufficient, informed and on the path to development. The second pillar of Yi aims to give wings to the transformative power of India’s youth through various verticals that delve into present-day issues. Thought Leadership The third pillar of Yi aims to nudge the innate leader in today’s youth to give rise to a better India of tomorrow. It informs, engages and empowers the youth of India through a contributive movement of constructive action, collaborative reasoning and collective voice.

National Chairman: Vishal Aggarwal
India: Young Indians YI

Since 1996, Futurpreneur has fostered the entrepreneurial passions of Canada’s diverse startup founders ages 18-39. We are the only national non-profit organization that provides young aspiring entrepreneurs across Canada with the loan financing, mentorship and resources they need to start or buy a business. Our purpose is to drive inclusive Canadian prosperity by fostering the success of young entrepreneurs. What we do to achieve our purpose We empower diverse entrepreneurs ages 18-39 by providing loans with mentorship and resources to help them start and buy businesses that contribute to sustainable and inclusive economic prosperity, in their communities and across Canada.

President: Micah Ansah
Canada: Futurpreneur

We, the Junior Chamber International Tokyo Public Interest Incorporated Association (abbreviated as ``JCI Tokyo'', hereafter referred to as ``Junior Chamber International Tokyo'' in the text), were founded in 1949 (Showa 24), when the scars of war were felt both in the city and in the hearts of the people. It was built by young people who shared the same aspiration: `The rebuilding of a new Japan is the work of young people.'' Since then, the Tokyo Junior Chamber has carried out various activities and movements based on the philosophy of "realizing a bright and prosperous society." Additionally, the Tokyo Junior Chamber is made up of members who joined freely of their own free will, regardless of race, nationality, gender, occupation, or religion. Junior Chambers in Japan base their activities on ``service to society,'' ``individual training,'' and ``friendship with the world.'' They aim for mutual enlightenment and exchange among members, cultivate a public spirit, and collaborate with the local community. We work to contribute to the development of society and actively address social issues. The students who have experienced various practical training at the Junior Chamber are active in a wide range of fields, and many graduates, including those who graduated in their 40s, are not only active as local leaders, but also produce many people who have entered the political and business world.

President: Mary Kitamura
Japan: JCI Tokyo


President: Roberto Chavez
Website: tbc
Mexico: tbc

G20 YEA Singapore is an observer to G20 YEA. We envision to be a network for Singaporean young business leaders, empowering them at the national and international level. Our G20 YEA Singapore community includes seasoned entrepreneurs/next-gen family enterprises, Zero to IPO Founders, Forbes 30 Under 30 Startup Founders and more. It is an Exclusive Private membership club with an annual fee that provides mentoring within the circle and well-resourced (network, funds etc.) support for members. G20 YEA Singapore is a CSR Initiative of Succession Advisory Partners (SAP). SAP’s partners includes Singapore’s National Youth Council (NYC), National Arts Council (NAC), Singapore Global Network (SGN), and China Green Foundation. President -Melvyn Goh, G20YEA Singapore.

President: Melvyn Goh
Singapore: G20 YEA Singapore
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