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Young Entrepreneur South Africa (YESA) is a Not for profit Orgnanisation that is a national youth entrepreneurship movement established for the sole purpose of creating an entrepreneurship eco-system in South Africa.

Vision statement

“To promote the exchange of ideas around entrepreneurship in South Africa so we can integrate and transform our economic landscape in our lifetime”.

Mission statement

  • To connect to the wider community of global entrepreneurs and thereby, deepen South Africa’s tentacles into the global economy and new markets;
  • To promote and support successful globally aware youth entrepreneurship across South Africa by providing a platform for young entrepreneurs to grow their readiness to start, run and grow new enterprises that can contribute to sustainable economic development in their communities and thereby deliver the unrealised liberation dividend;
  • To cultivate and lobby for a conducive entrepreneurship eco-system for young entrepreneurs.

Goals & objectives

  • Promoting a conducive youth entrepreneurship eco system;
  • Engaging and influencing the G20 Leadership process on an annual basis;
  • Progressively advancing the cause for youth entrepreneurship;
  • Linking up young entrepreneurs with local and international market opportunities,
  • Building constructive relationships with the government and the private sector; and
  • Influence entrepeneurship policy in South Africa.

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