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As the crisis challenges our economical and social models as well as our growth model, the 3rd International G20 Entrepreneur Summit, G20 YES, will take place in Nice, France, from October 31st to November 2nd 2011 and will gather 400 outstanding entrepreneurs coming from 20 leading economic powers in the world, including 60 French entrepreneurs. The objective of this new generation of entrepreneurs is to impulse a dynamic momentum into the social and economic fields under the leadership of the entrepreneurs and the whole entrepreneurial ecosystem within the actual economy. After two days of session work, the participants will provide concrete propositions to the G20 Head of States in order to implement a sustainable economic growth creating jobs. The Summit will conclude with an International Conference underlining the entrepreneurs’ contribution to the economy of the 21st century.

First highlight of the G20 YES on October 31st and November 1st, the 400 entrepreneurs from the 20 delegations as well as the ones from the Mediterranean Young Entrepreneur Organization and the United Arab Emirates, invited by France, will debate around shared backgrounds and experiences as well as studies led the last six months in the fields of education, innovation, funding, regulation and the entrepreneur culture. They will give shape to their work with propositions to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem on a national and international scale. Ernst & Young, co-organizer of the Summit, and McKinsey, intellectual contributor, will lead these two days successively.

  • October 31st, Ernst & Young will make an exclusive presentation of the Entrepreneurial Barometer for the G20 YES, made in collaboration with 1000 entrepreneurs worldwide focusing on their entrepreneurial environment and the government measures implemented in their countries. Professor Daniel Isenberg, from Babson Global, USA, one of the world’s most renowned entrepreneurial specialists, will intervene as an expert and major witness in the exchanges devoted to the Ernst & Young Barometer. He will lead a workshop with 30 entrepreneurs on the transformation of their ecosystem and will return the operational action plans to the 400 entrepreneurs meeting in a plenary.
  • November 1st, the McKinsey Cabinet and the participants will share around the basis of the international report prepared by McKinsey for the G20 YES, from which the redaction of the final statement shall be done. Based on the analysis of the “Arab Spring”, a session will take place around the theme: “Young & Entrepreneur. How the young can become entrepreneurs of their life and integrate developed and emerging countries in the 21st century economy transformed on both economical and social levels?”

After these two exchanges and contribution sessions, the G20 YES entrepreneurs’ delegation will finalize propositions for the G20 Heads of State.

According to Grégoire Sentilhes, president of G20 YES, the G20 for entrepreneurs:

The objective of the G20 for Entrepreneurs is to show that after the financial crisis that shows the beginning of a major transformation of our economy, it is essential to put the entrepreneurs back into the core of our social and economic models. If we want to come out on top and find new growth channels to innovate, create jobs and get back on the tracks of a new and durable prosperity, it’s the infinitely small that, through its diversity, its agility, its creativity and its commitment, will allows us to solve the infinitely big problems we are confronted to.

Second highlight of the G20 for Entrepreneurs, on November 2nd, about 600 people will participate at the International Conference where emblematic entrepreneurs and leading personalities will intervene on the key role of the entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in the global economy of the 21st century.

Program of the International Conference on November 2nd

09:00 Opening Ceremony « The entrepreneurship, growth driving force of the 21st century »
09:20 Grégoire Sentilhes, Président of the G20 and of Nextstage

Round Table – “Reflexion on the origin of the difficulty to allow the youth to become actors of the economic system in wich they evolve – as much for developed countries than for emerging ones – and can we inculcate entrepreneurship ?”

Animated by:

  • Dipak C. Jain, Dean of Insead Business School, France
  • Anand Mahindra, Vice-President and Managing Director of Mahindra & Mahindra, India
  • Ashraf El Gazayerli, President of the Young Mediterranean Entrepreneurs Organisation
  • Samantha Davies, Yachtman of the Year 2010, UK

“The G20 Entrepreneurial Barometer : evaluation of the resources used by the G20 countries for the entrepreneurs intended to serve as a framework.”

  • By Maria Pinelli, Vice-President of the Growth Market activity, Ernst & Young, US


“Social entrepreneurship and microcredit, a new capitalism?”

  • By the Professeur Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Price for Peace, Bangladesh

Round Table – “The revolution of social Entrepreneurship in the 21st century”

Animated by:

  • Emmanuel Faber, Vice-President of Danone, France
12:00 “Gallery of an entrepreneur: Globalization, The future issue of the Entrepreneurs”
By Xavier Fontanet, President of Essilor, France

Round Table – “From PME to multinationals, how to be among the largest by betting on innovation ?”

Animated by:

  • Jacques – Antoine Granjon, Founder and President of Vente, France
    Heiko Hubertz, Founder of Bigpoint, Allemagne


“The entrepreneurial ecosystem is the determinant of a growing economy, innovative and job creating”


Round Table – “What are the determinant factors of a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem ?”

Animated by:

  • Chris Schroeder, CEO of Health Central, USA
  • Augustin de Romanet, Managing Director of Caisses Des Depots et Consignations, France
  • Marc Simoncini, Founder of Meetic and of Jania Capital, France
  • Jaume Tapies, International President of Relais & Chateaux, Spain
15:45 “A long term Investissement”

Round Table – “Investing into growth and innovation : the investment challenge in equity in the context of global crisis”

  • Jean-Yves GILET, Managing Director of Fsi-Fonds Strategique D’investissement, France
  • Ramon Fernandez, Managing Director of Tresor, France

“The builders of the 21st century : to realize the social-economic potential of entrepreneurs ”
By François Bouvard, Senior Partner, MCKINSEY




Closing of the conference

About the G20 YES, France

The G20 YES (Young Entrepreneur Summit) is a 3-day international summit organized in parallel to the G20 summit and the B20 (Business 20), which brings together 20 delegations of 400 among the most emblematic entrepreneurs aged 18 to 45 from G20 member states.

The G20 YES is chaired by Grégoire Sentilhes, and managed by Jean-Louis Grégoire. It is organized by the association Les Journées de l’Entrepreneur (JDE) founded in 2007 by Ernst & Young and the Association Française des Investisseurs en Capital ( AFIC). The objective of the JDE is to promote the entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs, the strategic resources in order to help the entrepreneurs and the Small and Medium size enterprise to grow. Les Journées de l’Entrepreneur celebrates on an annual basis the entrepreneurs through its Global Entrepreneurship Week every 3rd week of November along with 108 countries. The association Les Journées de l’Entrepreur is part of the G20 Young Entrepreneur Alliance (YEA) and is in charge of the organisation of the G20 YES in France.

Founded during the last G20 edition in Toronto, the YEA is a world movement to engage the G20 leaders in the cause of youth entrepreneurship, share information across borders, affect positive policy change and create a global network of young entrepreneur advocates while building a collaborative entrepreneurial environment worldwide.

G20 YES Vision:

  • to place the entrepreneur, the economic and social model it embodies, the foundations of the entrepreneurial ecosystem at the heart of the debate of the Heads of State;
  • to promote the key role of entrepreneurs in innovation, job creation and growth;
  • to allow entrepreneurs to share their experiences with leading figures of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the 20 most important economic powers across the globe;
  • to value the driving force of young entrepreneurs within the entrepreneurial ecosystem and their ability to drive forward solid proposals for innovation, employment and growth;
  • to inspire current and future generations of entrepreneurs

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